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I am currently for serious people who want to use their writing talents to contribute their works to the site. This is a volunteer basis my friends, but if you are serious about wanting to write about fashion, art, graphics, design, and even gaming, this will be a vehicle to help get you known.  

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The Fashion Vixens Magazine that has been in the making for over 8 months,
is silently becoming a reality! It will be called Designing Diva.

Designing Diva

So here is the deal Divas.

The website is 90% ready!
The forum there is in place for staff writers to throw around magazine ideas, work on the progress of articles and sections, and finally, proff the ready to publish copy.

I am currently continuing to gather the tools needed to again begin publishing ebooks/magazines, and get them ready for embedding on the site, and for download to the public.

What I need now, are serious peo ... Read more »
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Still working.... going back and forth between sites/projects, but actually getting stuff done! Happy Sunday!

Just linked the feeds here up to my endless stream HA! so consider this post a test!
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Buzzing, as in the network of sites I am working on to add to the extension of Fashion Vixens. Will it ever end, yes, when I have gone missing ;)

The layout of this one is giving me a bit of a frustrate, it looks very different on different browsers, and/or pc's. In this case it is the difference between my desktop and Shephen's laptop!

The Vixen Wars site on the other hand, looks pretty amazing on both his and my pc! So that is pleasing! Who knows, I may end up trying a few more templates out here, before it's all done with.
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Welcome to Designing Diva

This will be the birth of the Fashion Vixens Online Zine.

Stand by while we launch a Magazine!

Do you write about fashion, design, beauty or home and food!
Come join us at Fashion Vixens, and contact me to write for this new upcoming publication! ... Read more »
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