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I am currently for serious people who want to use their writing talents to contribute their works to the site. This is a volunteer basis my friends, but if you are serious about wanting to write about fashion, art, graphics, design, and even gaming, this will be a vehicle to help get you known.  

Please use the contact form HERE to apply to be a part of the writing/magazine staff.  ... Read more »
Category: Updates | Views: 563 | Added by: OnyxKnyte | Date: 2013-02-09

The main goal to the new project was to build a publishing ground for the new Fashion Vixens Magazine to grow and flourish.

I have been experimenting with different grounds and platforms for this for about a year now, and it is finally coming to some light.

Feel free to download a test copy of an old ebook I once published to test this section for the upcoming DD Issues that will eventually become available.

Go directly to the download page here:
Category: Updates | Views: 410 | Added by: OnyxKnyte | Date: 2013-02-04

Do you ever notice great jewelry designs while watching TV or

You may want to keep a small notepad and pencil near your TV
chair so you can quickly sketch the jewelry that inspires

Not so you can replicate the designs, of course, but to
inspire your own creations.

Category: TidBits | Views: 396 | Added by: OnyxKnyte | Date: 2013-02-04

I will create another fun entry here.. and let me see what happens if I put some test in this section this time.

Isn't testing stuff a lot of fun? It's even more fun when your doing it alone, Not! lol

What do you think about the attached image as a backdrop for a new Designing Diva Banner Logo?
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Category: Updates | Views: 394 | Added by: OnyxKnyte | Date: 2013-02-04

Why yes! It will.

At least that is what I have been feeling like, going round and round testing and trying.

I just finally figured out how the RSS and Site News feature are related here, and how to make them do what I wanted. It only took 3 days or so LOL!

Anyhow, hopefully it is now working the way I want, without further (or at least too many further) tweaks.

Hitting send now is a test! ;)
Category: Updates | Views: 383 | Added by: OnyxKnyte | Date: 2013-02-04